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Many software companies selling into the SAP Manufacturing market today face a critical challenge when it comes to successfully implementing reference-able installations of their products at customer sites … SAP Integration! Junot Systems provides out-of-the-box SAP® integration solution sets that enable enterprise software companies to integrate their products to their Manufacturing customers’ SAP systems faster, cheaper and better than would otherwise be possible. NLINK® is a configuration-based product suite that installs in minutes and requires absolutely no custom coding to be deployed. It provides comprehensive built-in support for plant floor standards such as ISA-95 (B2MML) and OPC, and IT standards such as Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs).


This 16 minute video shows a functional demo of the NLINK product. In the first part of the demo NLINK is used to post data to SAP from a SQL-based CMMS application. The resulting status is displayed back in the CMMS app. The second part of the demo shows how to quick and easy it is for us to modify an existing NLINK configuration (via the NLINK Configuration Module) to query SAP for additional information. Click here to register.


Junot Systems was founded over 20 years ago to provide a better way to deliver SAP integration solutions to manufacturing companies. Our very first SAP deployment was to a multi-national semiconductor company in 1998. Today we have active NLINK installations in over 30 countries spanning five continents. Our SAP integration consultants have an average of 20 years of professional industry experience and a minimum of 10 years tenure at Junot Systems. Junot Systems delivers four things to all our customers: Technology, Experience, Expertise and a Commitment to providing exceptional value at a reasonable price.