Many software companies face a critical challenge when it comes to successfully implementing reference-able installations of their products at customer sites. SAP Integration! By deploying NLINK with your software product you will be able to offer your Manufacturing customers a pre-built, cost-effective and supported SAP integration solution.

Software Product Types

APO Systems
APO Systems
(Advanced Planning & Optimization)
MES Systems
MES Systems
(Manufacturing Execution Systems)
SCM Systems
SCM Systems
(Supply Chain Management)
Asset Management
Asset Management Systems
MRO Systems
MRO Systems
(Maintenance, Repair, Operations)
Enterprise Label Printing
CPQ Systems
CPQ Systems
(Configure, Price, Quote)
QMS Solutions
QMS Solutions
(Quality Management Systems)
Maintenance Systems
Maintenance Systems
(Reliability Based Maintenance)

The SAP Integration Solution

NLINK provides your product with a standardized and centralized point of integration to all external systems. This consolidation of interfaces provides for shorter implementation and integration times.

Unique SAP Installations
Unique SAP Installations

NLINK’s pre-built transactions and configuration approach removes, or significantly reduces, the problems traditionally associated with variations in customers’ SAP systems.

Evolving Customer Needs
Evolving Customer Needs

NLINK’s configuration approach to integration makes changes to deployed business interfaces and adoption of new SAP modules quick, easy and painless.

SAP Certifications
SAP Certifications

NLINK has achieved numerous SAP Certifications allowing you to avoid the time, expense and considerable hassle of going through the certification process yourself.

New Integration Technologies

NLINK is a sophisticated product that Junot Systems continues to innovate, continuously improving the embedded integration solutions it provides to its partners and customers.

The Process

Handle Legal Paperwork


There’s always going to be some legal stuff to deal with but we do our best to make it as simple and as painless as possible.

Define Baseline SAP Interfaces

SAP Interfaces

Our SAP functional consultants will work with your product management team to define the handful of core SAP interfaces that every one of your customers needs.

Build Working Demo System

Building working demo system

Forget PowerPoints. There is no better sales tool than a functional system that can demonstrate live, real-time, round-trip connectivity from your product to SAP.

Create Sales & Marketing Collateral

Sales and Marketing

Successfully selling into the SAP market requires functional and technical literacy in SAP. Our SAP experts will help you craft the right message with the right terminology.

The Benefits of a great SAP integration Solution

Embedding NLINK in your product reduces the required customer time and involvement during implementation. Coordinating the customer’s IT resources to gather project requirements no longer becomes the project bottleneck because you can provide the exact method of interface they require.

NLINK’s unique, multi-patented architecture provides a significant improvement to custom coded point-to-point integration solutions that often focus exclusively on protocols and formats ignoring the critical areas of Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility and Manageability.

There are a number of additional factors that have combined to make NLINK the best embedded SAP integration solution available on the market today:

NLINK is a mature, field-proven product that has consistently shown itself to be quick to implement and easy to change, regardless of deployment environment.

NLINK’s patented architecture comes pre-built with connectivity to all major versions of SAP R/3, SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.

NLINK has been designed for high performance and rock-solid reliability.

NLINK supports a wide array of connectivity options; Web Services (SOAP, REST, JSON), SQL, Flat File, File Trigger, OPC, XML, HTTP/S, FTP, E-mail and more.

NLINK’s small deployment footprint contains comprehensive SAP integration capabilities without any of the extra baggage that comes with traditional EAI applications.

NLINK’s price point will not overwhelm the cost of your product.

The Benefits of partnering with Junot Systems

Junot Systems takes all of your interface headaches away: allowing you to focus your integration efforts on a single interface (your product to NLINK) while we handle the rest. Only Junot Systems is focused exclusively on the embedded SAP integration market for Manufacturing.

Our SAP integration consultants have an average of 20 years of professional industry experience and a minimum of 10 years tenure at Junot Systems.

In business for more than 25 years, we have active NLINK product installations in more than thirty countries across five continents.

We insulate you from the risks of upgrades between your product and new SAP releases.

We provide access to our SAP technical and functional experts during and after the sales cycle.

We continue to innovate the core NLINK technology by adding additional SAP Certifications and SAP connectivity solutions that are designed to address the specific needs of our embedded customers.


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